Chris Stark, St.Albans

I started training with Dennis last summer and it has been my first experience of structured and tailored exercise. Dennis has provided me with achieveable goals, motivation and lifestyle changes along with a varied programme. We train either in the park or in the gym and the session variation ensures you are constantly challenged.

The sessions are hard but extremely rewarding. Dennis pays close attention to the areas where you need improvement and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. However, he doesn’t push you to the point of injury, with his knowledge/awareness of the various muscle groups and recovery periods always ensuring that you feel exhausted but not uncomfortable.

Dennis has given me great advice on diet and nutrition which has proved very beneficial. He has raised my awareness of food and the body which makes me think about what I do outside of the 2 sessions we do each week.With Dennis’s help I am on the road to where I want to be. The sessions are a very worthwhile investment of time and money and we actually have some fun along the way. Dennis is an extremely personable and nice guy, I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Kathryn Robinson, St.Albans

Dennis is a great PT. He has been able to pitch the training sessions I have had with him at exactly the right level. This sounds easy but actually is not. He is the first person I have found that has managed to achieve this. He assessed my specific needs and aims and pitched the sessions so I improved slowly and steadily. This has been the key to my,and his success, in training me so I can be fit for everyday life. I first started training with Dennis on walking sticks after many years of reduced mobility and following 2 hip replacements.

His knowledge of physiology and which parts of the body to focus on to get me walking again, as well as his focus on my goals to improve my fitness, has been fantastic and the key to success.I can highly recommend him as a PT.

My father now trains with him too. He also has seen results, has been encouraged to see the benefits of exercise, and is enjoying the training. Thanks Dennis, you’ve made a big difference to our lives!

Katie Lees, Welwyn

I have always been fit and healthy and when I was younger played a range of competitive sports many times a week.  Several years ago I underwent an operation on my foot which had a recovery period of a full year.  Following my year off exercise of any kind, I attempted to get back to my old fitness levels.  However, no matter what I tried, I seemed to pick up niggling injuries which would put me out of action for anywhere between two weeks and three months.  Fed up of having my return to fitness continually stalling I decided to commit to having a personal trainer.

First, and most importantly, Dennis took the time to listen to my fitness history as well as my goals for training.  Whilst my main concern was returning to fitness whilst avoiding injury I also wanted to get to a good enough level to be able to compete in triathlons.  Following this Dennis put together a comprehensive programme which would first strengthen muscle groups to ensure injury was avoided and then focus on improving the endurance and speed required to complete triathlons.

During sessions Dennis explains clearly the exercises he is asking you to perform to ensure that you get the most from every movement.  In addition, he explains the benefits of each exercise to help build the picture of how it fits into your overall training.  The sessions are challenging but fun – you are pushed further than you would push yourself.  The result is that the improvements in muscle tone, stamina and speed are rapid.  I now feel fitter and stronger than ever and, most importantly, am injury free.I have no hesitation in recommending Dennis as a personal trainer.  He is fun to work with and helps you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Nick Hayhurst, St.Albans

Dennis has been my personal trainer for coming up to 8 months now, twice a week, prior to this I trained very inconsistently and consequently with very little progress. In addition, when it came to good nutrition, I realise now that I didn’t have a clue. From the first meeting with Dennis what struck me the most was his professionalism and his attention to detail and this has continued with every session. Be it cardio, weight training, nutrition or general wellbeing, Dennis has been able to bring a huge amount of experience and guidance. I thought I knew lots of stuff, but I really didn’t!

I have made more progress physically in the last 8 months than I have in the last 8 years, but also I have learnt so much about all aspects of fitness that I can take away with me.Yes he is professional, yes he is committed, but he is also fun to be around which makes the training sessions more enjoyable than they might be.

Paul Newland, Welwyn

In December 2014 I was enjoying a first outing at the Olympic Velodrome until the inevitable happened and I ended up falling off at high speed and finding myself with a dislocated shoulder. Following a few months of physiotherapy, I was looking for a personal trainer who could get me back up to strength but without the risk of causing further damage. Dennis has been training me for several weeks now and we are starting to move on to more exerting training and I will continue to use him to maintain my (somewhat low) levels of fitness. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Peter Lees, St.Albans

Dennis is a brilliant Personal Trainer. He specialises in: helping individuals with orthopaedic and muscular problems; stretching tendons to their natural absolute limit; restoring muscle mass and strength; making people in adverse circumstances feel good; appreciating and tolerating his clients’ foibles and twisted senses of humour; and doing his very best for them. His excellence is exceeded only by his excellence.