Personal training we want to create an experience that has added value, we always aim high and strive to get you the result you want. Our Focus is to help you with your weaknesses, strengths and performance. It is not just your body that will be transformed it will be your beliefs, attitude, and lifestyle.

Training with dennis starts with a discussion regarding goals, lifestyle, nutrition, and anything else that is relevant. This is the perfect opportunity to listen to you. A comprehensive movement screen follows this discussion. Screening at the start ensures that nothing is left undiscovered and sets the foundations of your exercise programming. A biometric scan evaluating body fat percentages and fitness testing is also included. This helps to gain valuable quantitative data and provides a solid starting process. Once all of these are completed a personalised programme is delivered alongside the training.

The most successful way to achieve your goal is to sign up to one to one training. We are very confident and passionate about the services that we provide and we want you to get the most out of your time spent with us. To start training with us we recommend a free consultation, this gives us a clear indication of what you want to achieve, expectations, and observe exactly what clientele we are working with. If personal training is not suitable you may consider group training, distance coaching or nutritional coaching with Dennis so please get in touch with any questions you may have.