What is Online Coaching?

We get inundated with questions regarding advice, tips and techniques around the topics of exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. Therefore, the online programme is perfect in helping you not only answer these questions, but in reaching your goals. We create bespoke detailed programming which is specific to you, assisting you through online sessions.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, a Skype consultation is needed to analyse information from specific online questions which will be completed prior to the consultation. Topics that are to be discussed are based around exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, and anything necessary needed.
  • Once all this information is collated a bespoke exercise and nutritional programme is created, ensuring you accomplish your goals. Sessions are strategically planned for optimum results, including full explanations and fine attention to detail.
  • Reviews happen every two weeks here we address any issues and mark progress being made. We also analyse performance throughout your programming, ensuring the process is being monitored.
  • To summarise, a thorough process is implemented to make sure that you get what you need from online coaching. You will also have unlimited communication throughout online coaching via Skype or email, ensuring the highest level of education is provided.